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IBIA Annual Convention 2022 /// Istanbul // Raffles Hotel

IBIA Annual Convention 2019 /// Istanbul // Çırağan Palace

Turkish Airlines // OPEN - Antalya - 2014

Turkish Airlines Office 30.years Opening // Madrid - 2015

İzmir EXPO 2020 /// Closing Event - Ephesus - 2013

South Korea EXPO 2012 /// Turkish Pavilion Concert- Yeosu - 2012

Rixos Palm Island /// Opening Party - Dubai - 2012

CSO Ada Ankara /// Opening Concert - 2021

IBIA Annual Convention 2019 - at Cırağan Kempsinsky

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) would like to welcome you to the IBIA Annual Convention 2019, on 22th-24th October 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey The IBIA Annual Convention is one of the most anticipated Bunker and Shipping events in the industry, held annually in different countries around the world, with highly acclaimed speakers, sponsors and delegates. In addition to our two-day IBIA Convention and Exhibition, delegates have the opportunity to join our industry-leading IBIA Bunker Training Course and our workshops.​

Turkish Airlines /// OPEN (2013)

"Turkish Airlines OPEN Welcome Party" was held with a crowd of guests. Maxx Royal Chairman Mehmet Ersoy at the party held at home, Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Agaoglu, sports, business, spent time enjoying the many names from the world of art and society. The interactive show organized by the Antalya opera and ballet group among the invitations was highly appreciated. The guests, who witnessed the dance show of Brazilian samba girls, continued to entertain with the concert at the Royal Horse Bar with the concert of Dolapdere Big Gang.

İzmir EXPO 2020 /// Ephesus Closing Event

The events, which started with the hosting of EXPO delegates, took place in 4 different places in 3 days. In addition to the main meeting held in SwissOtel main hall, meetings were held in 3 separate halls and concert events and activities were organized in Ephesus Ancient City. Double-stack 40.000 anslumen projection was used in SwissOtel main hall. A mapping show was also organized as part of the events. Dolapdere Big Gang, Ece Berker and Hüsnü Şenlendirici concerts and Anatolian Fire show were organized in Ephesus Ancient City and gala events.

South Korea EXPO 2012 /// Turkish Pavillion Concert- Yeosu - 2012

South Korea's Yeosu Expo 2012 held in held in the International Exhibition Pavilion of Turkey and events, it continues to be the focus of attention. The Dolapdere Big Gang concert, held on 27 June, also added color and fun to the exhibition. Hours before the concert event space queues forming in front of visitors, ebru works prepared in Turkey pavilions was a gift. Dolapdere Big Gang group, which fascinated the audience with its fun and moving performance, was applauded for minutes.

CSO ADA ANKARA /// Opening Concert- 2021

Dolapdere Big Gang, which is said to be one of the most remarkable projects of the first 20 years of the millennium by bringing together eastern and western artistic understandings that seem to be opposite to each other, meets with its fans on Monday, September 20, 2021 at CSO ADA ANKARA.
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