What We do?


This department which is taken as one of the two career columns of our company, working in close relations to marketing departments of our business partners offers occasional,periodic and annual, live marketing solutions according to product / brand needs and serves the following business areas

Roadshows, Festivals, Tours and Concerts

Culture and Art, Direct Marketing, Sports Marketing ,Youth and Social Responsibility Projects

Local / International Show Performances


The necessity of being are the dreams, the necessity of dreams are the soul. to be followed in each successful stage of the projects. We have an enthusiastic team.All of them work with their creativity and experience.Modern world projects need them.The Soul Production is the home of these amazing projects.

* Album Productions
* Sound design, recording, mix, mastering
* Making Jingle
* TV Advertising Music
* Radio Spots
* Film Series - Documentary Music
* Program - Series Generic and Trailer Music
* Corporate Promotional Music
* Brand Signal and Logo music
* Company Motivation / Launch Music
* Application and Game Music
* Dubbing
* Word Writing
* Call Center-Central dubbing and tracks

* Tv Shows and Program Productions
* Film and Online Series Productions
* Costume and Art Works
* Local Shooting Crew
* Local Shooting Equipment
* Post Productions


We also organized Concerts and Studio Albums with many important World Stars.


Learning is a pleasure.While you’re teaching, learning is priceless. Enjoy learning...

Elementary, Secondry and High School Students Special Class

Goverments and Municipalities Special Projects

Special Teaching Class with Companies and Banks